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As Jennifer Lopez turns 52, Checkout the Latina’s Top 10 shocking controversial moments of all times

Jennifer Lopez is a world-renowned phenomenal actor and a singer. Therefore staying in the public eye has its own set of grievances. Her public image and personal life have always sparked controversies that have received paramount media coverage. Jennifer Lopez is an outspoken person who is very vocal and never is seen shying away from making bold and fearless decisions.

#10 Lopez’s Super Bowl Halftime.

Families all over America gathered on Super Bowl Sunday, turning one of America’s most beloved sports events into a cheerful family affair. Then came halftime. FCC received 1312 complaints from the viewers. Some of the complaints, which were sent to CNN by FCC officials and first obtained by WFAA, came from parents who felt their children were exposed to a “po*no show.” Other adults thought the show encouraged sex trafficking. This also featured Pop queen Shakira.

#9 JLo in Custody

As per reports, Jennifer Lopez was spotted in a New York club in the year 1999 with her former boyfriend Diddy. Diddy reportedly had a huge fight with a person at the nightclub. The pair reportedly fled from the scene and got pulled over by the police. The police allegedly found a loaded gun in the car. Years later in an interview, Jennifer Lopez revealed that it was a not so fortunate situation. She explained that they were somewhere they shouldn’t have been.

# 8 The N-word

Jennifer Lopez’s I’m Real Murder Remix was a super hit. It had Ja Rule and the success of this track came with an adverse reaction. Jennifer Lopez’s track included the N-word in her lyrics. Many fans were upset with her track along with two radio DJ’s, Star and Buckwild. Star, in an interview, reportedly said that he is sure a lot of young Spanish kids use the N-word, but when one reached her level, one shouldn’t need to use such disparaging terms

#7 The interview

Speaking to an entertainment opening dated back in 1998, when asked about her rising star strength the singer replied saying that she is the best. Not only that but the diva was also seen making fun of her co-actors saying that Cameron Diaz can be good when she is directed. The singer even added that she didn’t even know what Gwyneth Paltrow has been into. Later Jennifer Lopez opened up about the interview saying that she was misquoted and taken out of context.

# 6 Alleged affair with Drake

before dating Alex Rodriguez, Lopez apparently had a fling with Canadian Rapper Drake. She made it very clear by posting a picture of them cuddling via Instagram. While nothing was confirmed, her “friendship” with the rapper certainly angered some people — maybe that included Drake’s on-again-off-again love interest and J.Lo’s friend, Rihanna. Also, RiRi unfollowed JLo after this.

#5 The Green Versace Dress

As put by MTV news then, “That sound you heard when Jennifer Lopez came out on the stage … was a thousand male tongues hitting the floor.” Lopez was also warned about wearing the dress as it wouldn’t be a good move for the singer. In September 2019, Lopez wore it again for the runway during Milan Fashion Week. Naturally, fans went wild.

#4 Romance Of Jlo And Marc Anthony

As Jonathan Borge of the Oprah magazine quoted it  the two were “an untouchable Hollywood couple that captured a particular moment in our pop-culture lexicon.” It surely was a high profile relationship that seemed legendary. The reason why this was a controversy is that Marc Anthony was technically married to someone. As per PEOPLE, the two were linked together years prior when they “dated briefly.”

#3 Ooh! Dating Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez’s early 2000s relationship with Ben Affleck was highly scrutinized by the paps. It’s something even she was acutely aware of herself, taking a stab at the press when she released the “Jenny from the Block” music video, starring herself and her then-beau. The video was so bold, in fact, that years later, Affleck confessed that starring in it nearly ruined his career. Recently the couple was seen back together. There are speculations too of them getting married in July.

#2 Dating Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez seem like a couple totally lost in the honeymoon phase — especially when they announced their engagement in March 2019. It appeared that this relationship was a long time coming as MLB Network’s Intentional Talk Twitter page revealed an old 1998 clip of the baseball legend admitting his dream date would be with the Lo.

#1 Controversial lyrics in her new song ‘Lonely’

Last month, Lopez and Maluma released their collaborative single “Lonely” which sparked racial debates on Twitter. On her track with Maluma, Lopez sings the lyrics “Siempre serás tu negrita del Bronx” on the song titled ‘Lonely’. The line in English means as per the translation,” I’ll always be your Black girl from the Bronx.”

And this particular line has heated up backlash from the people who found it offensive that Lopez referred to herself as a Black girl, as she hasn’t referred to herself as a Black woman for the entirety of her career.

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