Immigrate to Canada as a Security guard and related security service occupation

According to the government of Canada notifications and announcements, it is clear that there is a high demand for a security guard in their country and the new job opening is expected to be somewhere between 47,500 between 2017 to 2026. Nearly half a million people are expected to be employed for Security Guard Job in Canada.

If the companies have to protect their assets, employees, and property, the job of security will be in demand, and employment opportunities in this field will continue to exist. Now the question in one’s mind will be whether these jobs are well paid? How many working hours? Is the salary good?What are the other benefits other than salary? Is the job boring or enjoyable?

 How much are the security guards paid in Canada?

This is the first question in the mind of the person who wants to work as a security guard. And are their other benefits and perks besides the salary? The government of Canada wage report data indicates that the security guards are paid between $11.50 to$24.86. $15.96 is the maiden hourly wage in Canada.

Experience is the first criteria for higher wages. Then comes the location, as the wages differ from place to place depending on the labour agreement, availability of workforce, and working conditions.

When the wage graph is analyzed, the per hour report of wages of security guards in Canada, it is seen that wages are slightly lower at $27.47 in places like British Colombia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and higher at high-end places like Northwest Territories and Nunavut it is higher at $44.6.

Other Benefits:

Different employers offer different benefits and perks. Some companies give free training while others give paid ones. There are more promotional opportunities in some companies and the corporate in employee promotion, where a person can reach up to the supervisor’s position. Many security guard companies help their employees by promoting them in their own companies.

Data shows that nearly half of the companies offer their employee health benefits like medical and dental allowances. Many don’t offer these benefits.

How long is the working hour?

This is surely the question that is at everybody’s mind. This is a kind of job that is done twenty-four hours most of the time. So it can always be chosen according to the lifestyle. Those who like to work during the night can choose night shifts, those who enjoy 9 to 5 jobs can opt for day jobs, and those who want to do part-time jobs can work on an hourly basis and can get paid accordingly.

What are the Promotional Benefits in Security Guard Job in Canada?

This is something that every employer looks for Depending on different companies, some offer promotional benefits where a security guard reaches to the position of a Manager climbing from the position of a supervisor to the executive in the same security company. Experience in these companies also helps in preparing for working in law enforcement agencies.

Many other companies offer health benefits, perks, and partnerships. Therefore, we can see that working as a security guard in Canada is not a bad idea to reckon with. Apart from growth, work choices, job satisfaction it offers growth in the career.

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About the Author: Jyotika Thakur