Top 5 Start-up Business Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

As the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown continue to hit people globally, Canada has continued to show its support, not only for Canadian citizens and permanent residents but small business owners too as well as encouraging business immigration to Canada.

Canada has supported its residents and migrants throughout this pandemic and promoted business immigration to Canada after the pandemic. Here are Business Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants that need minimum investment to start and offer good returns to enable immigrants to Settle in Canada.

Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his initial $82 Billion Economic Response Plan to the COVID-19 pandemic, $27 billion of which would be allocated to help ease the financial strain and stress that Canadian businesses and workers have found themselves in, the government has added further relief to aid the business sector.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 business opportunities in Canada for immigrants:

1. Agriculture

Canada’s agricultural and agri-food sector is one of Canada’s largest and most lucrative industries, accounting for $49 billion of Canada’s GDP. What makes it such a viable option for business immigration to Canada is that there are so many options available for those wanting to immigrate to Canada due to the high demand for workers in certain occupations, making it easier to find qualified and skilled workers in occupations such as:

  • Farmworkers;
  • Truckdrivers;
  • Meat processing jobs such as butchers.

Popular provinces for agricultural business opportunities in Canada for immigrants include Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia.

2. Construction

Construction has been a steady investment for business investors and those considering business immigration to Canada. With the increase of new development projects nationwide comes the need for more construction companies to help carry the load and meet certain provincial and territory needs in Canada. Areas that have seen substantial growth are those in the commercial rather than the residential sector. 

There has been a particularly high demand in Ontario, as the province actively seeks international skilled workers to fill the labour demand in occupations such as project directors, construction managers, and general construction labourers who are interested in immigrating to Canada through its construction industry.

3. Coffee Shop Business

There is a fine coffee culture in Canada. As a matter of fact, Canada is the 10th biggest coffee drinker among all world nations. People love coffee here and no matter what the state of the economy is people will go out and search for the nearest coffee shop.

To make your shop somewhat different from your competitors, don’t just limit your shop to just a destination of coffee drinking. Make it more engaging for your customers by making it a place beyond coffee drinking.

And yes, the cost involved in setting this kind of business is not too high. At the same time, this is something which you can easily learn to make a living.

4. Salon Business

A hair cutting shop is never going to be out of fashion or face a threat from the economic slowdown. It can become a good source of money for you if you have experience in hair cutting. At the same time, people are looking for stylish hair cutters. So add few and unique hair cutting techniques in your arsenal and you will definitely find customers queuing up to your hair salon.

5. Online Bloogging

Online Blogging is a quite a rage these days. If you think you can write well then the world is yours’. All you need is one personal computer and an internet connection. You can work as a freelancer or work for a company from home. There are various companies who are looking for English content for their websites. So, take advantage if you possess English writing skills.

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About the Author: Jyotika Thakur