What are Compassionate Care Benefits in Canada?

Compassionate care benefits (CCB) are also known as Employment Insurance (EI) benefits paid to people who have to be away from work temporarily to provide care or support to a family member... Read more »

Immigrate to Canada as a Clinical Psychologist. What is Expected Salary?

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, every year, 1 in 5 people will have experienced some form of mental health issues. Now more than ever, people need support as the Coronavirus continues... Read more »

Eating Nuts Can Lower The Rate Of Deaths

A huge study conducted by a group of researchers states that people who consumed a handful of nuts everyday faced 20% lesser chance than those who did not consume nuts by a... Read more »

6 Health benefits of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is really good for your health. Yes, you read it right! Dark chocolate is not only a delicious treat it also brings a host of health benefits. It has been... Read more »

Feeling fatigued and sleepy whole day? Get your Vitamin D levels scan

Losing weight and feeling tired and low constantly? Get your Vitamin D levels checked right away! You will not believe it but Vitamin D is a notorious vitamin that one cannot grab... Read more »

Keep aging at bay! Some Correct ‘everyday’ habits to keep you young

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Nova Scotia announces Doctor friendly Immigration Stream

In an attempt to fill in the void for general physicians, family physicians and specialty physicians, in the province, Nova Scotia has created a new immigration stream that promises to ease the... Read more »

Only 9 stores will sell cannabis in Nova Scotia

Only nine Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) branches will sell recreational cannabis when it becomes legal in 2018. The establishments where cannabis will be on sale are: Amherst – 126 South Albion... Read more »

Nova Scotia human-rights case seeks will looking at support housing for people with disabilites

lawyer representing two people with disabilities in Nova Scotia says that they have been unnecessarily isolated from society and forced to live in institutions because of the lack of supervised residences in... Read more »

Province Launches Telephone Line to Facilitate Access to Abortion

Women in Nova Scotia can now make an appointment to terminate a pregnancy by calling a phone line, without having to wait to see a doctor. The toll-free line is in service... Read more »