Snowbank For Sale

Tired of the snow piling up in front of his business, the owner of a car dealership in Beauharnois, Montérégie, simply decided to put up for sale the imposing snow bank.

The pile of snow that’s piling up on the Dumaresq Auto dealer’s parking lot is so big that it eventually blocks the garage doors. “I have no more room in the yard. I had a paint box, I had the idea to write ” for sale ” “, told Claude Dumaresq humorously, at the” Global News “.

He then took a picture and posted his ad on his company’s social networks. Unfortunately, he has not yet found a buyer, even if he says he received some offers: “Some people wanted to take it, but only in July!”

Mr. Dumaresq explained that he especially wanted to make his friends and family laugh, and that he enjoys the spotlight that this joke brought him. He will get rid of the snowbank during the week.

Sage VanVleet

Sage VanVleet was born and raised in Fredericton. He has written for Billboard, The Prague Post, Passport Magazine, The Hartford Courant and Business Insurance Weekly, In regards to academics, Sage earn his BBA from Mcmaster in Hamilton. Sage covers business and economy stories here at Nova Scotia Today..

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