NS Government Offered $800,000 To Teachers Union

The Nova Scotia government has proposed $800,000 to the provincial teachers’ union as compensation for removing the school principals and vice-principals of the union.

The offer was immediately turned down by Liette Doucet, the president of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, who described the proposal as “insulting”.

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil revealed the offer Wednesday before the Halifax Chamber of Commerce in his annual State of the Province Address.

In his speech, McNeil championed his government’s efforts to reform health and education systems in Nova Scotia.

The Prime Minister said that political capital was meant to be “spent” and that he was ready to use “all the political capital” he possessed to advance these reforms, which he believes are in the interest of Nova Scotians. . The Liberal government of Mr. McNeil was re-elected for a second term last May.

Seven of the eight elected school boards abolished

On January 24, the Liberals announced the dissolution of seven of the eight elected school boards in the province . Only the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP), the only French-language in Nova Scotia, will continue to exist.

In the wake of this reform, principals and vice-principals will be removed from the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, but the government says it wants to protect “their salaries, pensions and benefits.”

Stacy Kraman

Stacy Kraman is a seasoned journalist with 16 years experience. While studying journalism at University, Stacy conducted numerous research studies on media effects including the effects of advertising to children. As a contributor to Nova Scotia Today, Stacy covers stories affecting city politics and economy.

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