Julie Chaisson Enters NS PC Leadership Race

Halifax-based Seaport Farmers Market General Manager Julie Chaisson becomes the fifth candidate in the leadership contest for the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

Ms. Chaisson had been a candidate for the party in the last provincial election. She was not elected, but the experience, she says, convinced her to embark on the chieftaincy race.

“I have 30 years of management experience in the private sector,” she says. I have been at the forefront of major organizational changes. ”

If she becomes party leader, she plans to run in the next by-election, regardless of where she is.

In last spring’s election, she was third in the riding of Chester-St. Margarets.

The next by-election will no doubt take place in the riding vacated by former Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie, who resigned last month on allegations of sexual misconduct.

The other candidates in the race for her succession are Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, Tim Houston and John Lohr – all MPPs – as well as Cecil Clarke, the Mayor of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

Mrs. Chaisson says that her work in the farmers’ market has brought her into contact with farmers and small business immigrants, among others.

She believes that the key to economic growth lies in the SMEs and emerging companies she wants to foster.

Nicole D’lea

Nicole D’lea a graduate of UFT. She’s based in Toronto but spends 3-4 months a each year on the east coast where her parents run a dairy farm and winery. Nicole has written for NPR, Motherboard, MSN Money, and the Huffington Post.

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